Suger Industry
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SHOFREE ®  supplies parts for both exploitation and extraction of sugar from beet as sugar cane. For the latter, SHOFREE ® has even designed gearboxes specially adapted to this type of grinding. A full range of different sizes covers all capacities of mills. 

- Wreaths

- diffusion

- Broadcast Bandages

- Mills for Gear rods Caneflex ® and Canemaster ®

- Gearboxes for mixers  and crystallizers

- Shafted Rollers

Cane sugar mills

The CANEFLEX reduction gear has been specially designed for milling cane sugar. A range of 5 sizes covers all capacities of washers and mills.
The standard CANEFLEX reduction gear is designed for input speeds of between 600 rpm and 1800 rpm and output speeds of between 3 rpm and 7 rpm .
The output shaft and bearing are designed to take the loads induced by the tail-bar. The CANEFLEX reduction gear is easy to fit – the result of long experience in this field.

Diffusion processes

SHOFREE proposes a BOGIFLEX drive system – a self-aligned shaft mounted reduction gear – for vertical and horizontal diffusion processes.
The light, modular drive units allow high torque capacities.
When driving vertical systems, the torque delivered by a BOGIFLEX reduction gear of the BPF type on the ring gear is around 16 kNm to 120 kNm. The input speed variation is from 300 rpm to 1500 rpm.
For the horizontal diffusion tube drive, SHOFREE provides a solution based on BOGIFLEX planetary reduction gears (BFT type). Each reduction gear can accept torques of between 6 kNm and 50 kNm. The output rotation speed of the reduction gear is very slow: between 0.1 rpm and 0.2 rpm.