Cement Industry
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Cement Industry Horizontal Mill
Cement Industry Horizontal Mill

One of the fast growing industry in the world is cement industry. Our company has extensive expertise in defining and providing comprehensive control groups through its expertise in making crowns, tires, wheels and gears that power the ovens and dryers in the cement industry. The teams hold all the skills necessary to work on the site and carry out dimensional readings, or to make expertise and technical recommendations. Sprockets   up to 16 m in diameter

- Bandages (alone or section  ferrule)

- Shafted Rollers

- Trains gearboxes  parallel

- Special gearboxes  (JUMBOREX ® , ROLLEREX ® ,  Millrex ® )

- Kilns Bearings

- Grinding tables

- Cutter Fund

- PV Couplings and GV


We provide complete transmission systems for vertical or horizontal roller mills.

Horizontal roller mills

single or double-acting side drive Capacity up to: 10 000 KW from 980 rpm to 14 rpm. Parts include: Pinions(s) with bearings, a gear ring, its casing and lube bank, FLEXIDENT SENIOR, gear couplings with an extension, ERMASTER two-train main reduction gear(s), turning gear reduction gear(s) with built-in anti-rotation device, WINFLEX.

Central drive

Capacity up to 6 500 KW from 980 rpm to 14 rpm. For improved operational safety, the reduction gear is not affected by any Mill distortion. Parts include the extremely high reliability JUMBOREX new generation divided torque reduction gear, the FLEXIDENT gear coupling with an extension to drive the Mill shell flange, a turning gear located on the second output side of the main motor or between the main motor and the JUMBOREX, high speed FLEXIDENT gear couplings. 

Vertical roller mills

Capacity up to 4 000 KW. Combining performance with robustness, the ROLLEREX PLANETARY or cylindro-conical reduction gear takes in all major milling forces while at the same time ensuring rotational drive of the Mill. Parts also include the dynamically balanced WINFLEX high speed coupling fitted with electrical insulation.


We provide complete transmission systems for KILNS AND DRYERS: Single or double-acting side drive.

SHOFREE proposes engineering of the transmission between the main motor and the shell of the kiln including torsional analysis calculations for the installation.

Parts include: Pinions(s), a gear ring and its attachment system with tangent discs, casing, a lube bank, FLEXIDENT SENIOR, gear couplings, ERMASTER three-train main reduction gear(s), turning gear reduction gear(s) with built-in anti-rotation device (back stop),WINFLEX couplings.

Drive also produced with BOGIFLEX self-aligning transmission.

Example of capacity produced: 1 440 KW from 1 500 rpm maximum to 4 rpm max with variable speed.